Welcome to OnPointe Lash the originator of the OnPointe Lash Kit created by Soleil Breeze .

Soleil’s Vision was brought to existence in 2018, while being an eight year old competiative dancer that was required to wear falsies during performances.The excitement of getting glammed up soon took a turn after discovering the process entailed harsh glue that came in contact with the eyelids causing burning itching and tearing that often led to frustration discomfort and at times makeup reapplication.Soleil knew that she was gonna change the game and with that OnPointe Lash Kit was launched as a full kit containing latex chemical free adhesive, comfortable lashes and trademark packaging that all girls love.

Soon after OnPointe Lash Kit hit the dance bags in the comp world, the lids  of  cheer  teams  and  took  to  the  pagent world  it  proudly  hit  the  shelves  of Macy’s department stores on both east and west coast where the response was astonishing. OnPointe Lash is proud to adorn the lids of young performers and has now expanded the brand for lash lovers of all ages.